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Enjoy our Kumar HHC Gummies. (1 teddy bear contains 30 mg of HHC). Teddy bears can be bought from one piece!

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Detailed product description:

HHC Gummies are a popular form of nutritional supplement that gives customers the experience of eating a sweet treat while enjoying the benefits of HHC. Gummies are a subset of cannabis products that are suitable for people who do not like to smoke or drip the oil. While CBD is not psychoactive and is primarily used for medical reasons such as pain relief, HHC gummies have psychoactive effects and provide users with an alternative to THC.

Let's take a look at what HHC is, how it differs from THC, and why HHC bears are so popular.


What is HHC?

Although we most often hear about THC and CBD, there are more than 100 cannabinoids, each with their own properties and effects. As hemp products become more popular, scientists are learning more about some of these lesser-known chemicals. One of them is hexahydrocannabinol, or HHC, which occurs naturally in cannabis.

Although HHC is relatively new to the market, it was discovered in the 1940s by chemist Roger Adams, who discovered that adding hydrogen to THC created a new compound. This process, called hydrogenation, has been patented. HHC occurs naturally in cannabis plants, but only in very small amounts. In order to make products like HHC gum, the cannabinoid must be created synthetically.


Effects and Benefits of HHC Gummies

Each type of cannabis product has its own effects. Research into HHC products is still in its early stages. However, we can summarize some of its most widespread effects and benefits.

Lifting the mood

Many users have found that HHC gummies provide a mild but euphoric high.

HHC often has a relaxing effect that is good for relaxation and stress relief.
Pain relief

Like CBD and many other cannabinoids, HHC can help relieve pain caused by illness and injury.
Altered sensory perceptions

Depending on the potency, HHC gummies can alter the user's perception. Visual and auditory perceptions may be distorted. However, most users find that the psychoactive effects of HHC are milder than those of THC.
Is it safe to consume HHC teddy bears?

HHC teddy bears are safe when taken in appropriate doses. Taking too much of any psychoactive substance can have harmful effects. It is also important to buy HHC products from a legal and trusted source. As with any cannabis product, some users may experience side effects from HHC.

The most commonly reported side effects include anxiety, dry mouth, fast heartbeat, and insomnia. Such effects may indicate that the user has taken a dose too high for their tolerance. The effects of any cannabis product, intended or not, will vary depending on the strain and dose. Additionally, users have different tolerance levels. If you are new to consuming HHC, it is best to start with a small portion, such as a third or half of a teddy bear. You can gradually increase the dosage until you find the right dose for you.


Is HHC legal?

The legal status of cannabis products can be complicated and confusing. Laws change frequently, so there may be conflicts between state and federal law. HHC laws are particularly unclear because HHC products are relatively new to the market.

Although HHC is related to THC, it is a different compound. Therefore, it is not subject to the same restrictions as THC. THC is federally banned, but HHC is not. However, some state laws may restrict all hemp products. At the time of writing, no state has specifically banned HHC.

However, some have banned other cannabinoids, such as Delta 8. As laws change rapidly, both consumers and sellers of cannabis products need to stay abreast of the latest legislation.


Benefits of HHC gummies
HHC has many of the same effects as THC, but is easier to obtain in most places due to the laws.
HHC gummies are vegan and gluten-free.
Many users find HHC milder than THC.
Gummies are a convenient way to consume HHC. They are tasty and you can consume them in places where smoking is prohibited.
Efficient delivery system. Gummies are not necessarily more effective than smoking or other products. However, consuming gummies is quick and tasty, so the effects are often felt more quickly.


ATTENTION!!!- In case of WRONG use, eat and drink enough, any effects will disappear in a few hours.

However, according to the valid legal regulations of the Czech Republic, we do not in any way encourage the use or consumption of the above-mentioned substances. These products are available to persons over the age of 18 (which will be verified by the carrier when the shipment is released). Store the product out of the reach of children. The product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women. The product is not suitable for active and professional drivers or operators of heavy machinery. Store in a dry and cool place up to 25°C. The minimum shelf life is indicated on the packaging. When using, drink and eat enough - any effects will disappear within a few hours. In any case, do not drive motor vehicles or heavy machinery after ingestion. Product in accordance with Act §5 No. 167/1998. Intended for industrial, technical and horticultural purposes. Not intended for direct consumption or smoking. This is a collector's item only.

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